Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Questions

  • Handcrafted products?

    Most of our products are handcrafted. You can tell by the differences between each product, that’s the reason why your order might be slightly different, every one of them is UNIQUE. 

    As you all know, we are committed with our values of trying to make the world a better place, throughout this little store we want to bring jobs to small communities all around the world and we want to bring you the opportunity to help along and also LOOK AMAZING while doing so. 

    We continuously are looking for business startups that go with our beliefs, so we can provide you with unique and new styles every time. Do you have suggestions? Please CONTACT US! We would love to hear about your ideas. 

    One of our most sold products, TUTUM, is made by very skilled women in small communities in Tibet.

    Taking care of your copper’s goodies

    The less contact with water you have the better. Your copper accessories won’t be the best choice to wear on a fun day at the pool or beach. Avoid as much as you can the direct contact with water. 

    Will my skin turn green?

    Sometimes, because of copper properties, accessories made out of this material can lead to greenish stains on our skin. While it is not common, we do recommend to wear them on colder temperatures, it will avoid any chance of green color on our skin. 

  • Payment
  • We accept all types of payments, EVEN VENMO! Don’t see yours?  Shoot us an e-mail, and we will fix it.

  • Shipping
  • Because each piece is unique hand-made it takes a little bit more time to get to your doorstep than any other mass-produced accessory. Depending on the location it will take more or less, but we can all agree on a range of 2 to 3 weeks. 

    Once your order has been placed we will send you an e-mail with all the information you will need: a summary of your goodies, your tracking number, and when it will arrive. Don’t see your e-mail yet? Don’t stress out, just shoot us an e-mail and we will get it done. 

    Do you want it for free? Good NEWS: free Standard Shipping on orders over $90

    Due to covid-19 related issues, shipping may take longer. 

  • No happy with your purchase?
  • We totally understand when something is not what you expected. We really want you to enjoy our jewels, But if for any reason you don’t feel completely satisfied, hit us an e-mail and we will come up with a good solution for you.