Giving Back

In the ’50s, Venezuela was a wonderful country to go on vacations, even to go and settle yourself down and have a dreamed life. People from everywhere use to come, the immigration influence that the Latin country has is incredible! Sadly, in the past 30 years, Venezuela has started a decay process. Every single service, institution, administration, organization, and everything you can imagine, has gone worse to worse up to a point life if barely sustainable nowadays. From constant out powers (that can last up to 8 hours a day) to lack of food in the grocery stores, people dying from simple infections because medicine is missing, kids in hunger situations, and  S O  M U C H  O N… 

Now, when it is true we can’t save the world in one day, even a small country like Venezuela, we do can start with some steps to make someone else’s life even a little better. Here is where you and we become part of the game. WITH EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE MADE IN THIS STORE, 10% GOES TO HELP people in deplorable conditions. 

We are working with a movement called "LA MAGIA DE SONAR" which means "The Magic of Dreaming.” They work in Venezuela in a little town called Barinas, with people in tough circumstances.  LA MAGIA DE SONAR is repeatedly organizing activities to collect food and medicine, which are the two most urgent necessities people are exposed to regularly. 

"The Magic of Dreaming is a private, non-profit entity, without political or religious inclinations born in 2018. We work with children, young people, families, and communities, and equip them with the necessary tools, through education and employment; to work actively in improving their living conditions so that they can discover their full potential and take an active and responsible part of society."  Jesus Arenas, CEO.